Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Find

Happy Friday! I thought I would share what would have to be one of my favourite pieces of children’s furniture at the moment. I recently used two of these chairs (or future antiques as I like to call them) in a nursery I styled for the most divine twins. These vintage rattan chairs take pride of place in front of their beautiful fireplace. I can't wait to share some images of their nursery, it is truly beautiful so stay tuned. Have a wonderful weekend.



Amanda said...

What a cute little chair - I look forward to seeing some pics of the twins nursery. Have a lovely weekend x

Bubby Makes Three said...

So glad you left a comment on my blog today... it's enabled me to discover yours! I look forward to reading about the rooms you create, I need inspiration to design a unique and gorgeous gender neutral nursery for my future #2! cheers, Nic

Little Maison said...

Hi Nic,

Thanks for your post. I have some beautiful gender neutral linen to share and will do a post over the next few days. Congratulations on "future #2 - so very exciting.

Hi Amanda,

I hope you have had a lovely Birthday. I am practically bursting to share the images of the twin’s nursery but it is going to be featured in a magazine in May so I have promised to keep it a secret until then :-)

Have a lovely weekend ladies.


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